Be it any industry, brand recognition is of extreme importance to one and all. Therefore, at Spectrum, we work diligently to help our clients earn worthy brand value. By offering astounding expert aid for fragrance sales, marketing and distribution, we aim at maximizing the profitability of your business while of course, the service quality remains uncompromised.

On the whole, our services are inclusive of-

  • Marketing
  •  Distribution
  •  Sales
  •  Brands


The more visible a brand is, the more credibility it earns. And, visibility comes attached with promotions. So, we carefully analyze the essence of your business to understand your specifics and bring forth a valuable program accordingly. As for our marketing department, we structure themed events and unique promotion plans to encourage maximum success at retail. To add to the effort, we also participate in key trade shows and functions at both domestic and international levels.


We have massive client ranging from a national level retailers to regional retailers to Small mom and Pop store over 35 states geographical area. To stay connected with our widespread clientele, we sell products via multiple channels raging from direct sales, commission based 3rd party and thru smaller local wholesalers. We ship orders within 1-2 days of order placement with our vast logistics network and ensure a timely delivery to customers.


Service excellence remains meaningless unless the sales department is inefficient. Thus, at Spectrum, our sales executives organize and perform brand specific marketing plans with utmost perfection for around 20 major domestic retail accounts ranging over 35K point of sale terminals.


We Offer a wide range of Name Brand Fragrances and Health care Products. Click on the Link to view our range of Brands