The people behind Spectrum have been in the Fragrance business for over 15years.

Our People

From the very beginning, Spectrum knew that its success depended on the creative ability of its employees. Whatever their jobs, our truly multicultural workforce succeeds in an environment that encourages some of the most entrepreneurial and forward thinking in the world. Our culture, teamwork and focus on innovation and creativity, have resulted in a passionate team who brings a multitude of perspectives and talents that enrich everything we do. Their energy sprouts from a dedication unmatched in the industry. At Spectrum, there is no shortage of fresh ideas. Innovation is in our blood; it’s the story of our past and the promise of our future.

Our Values

Spectrum is founded on values of excellence. Innovation and entrepreneurship. These values are relevant to all areas of our business from research and development to marketing and manufacturing to retailing.


Excellence is central to who we are, and what we do. We pay close attention to every detail to ensure perfection in our products.

Sales by Product Category:

Fragrance 59%

Color Cosmetics 22%

Skin, sun and Personal Care 19%

Sales By Region :

Eastern USA 50%

South Central USA 8%

South West USA 42%

If you have a corporate inquiry or are seeking additional information about Spectrum NJ LLC, please contact the Public Relation department at 201-482-4816.