Be it any industry, brand recognition is of extreme importance to one and all. Therefore, at Spectrum, we work diligently to help our clients earn worthy brand value.Service excellence remains meaningless unless the sales department is inefficient. Thus, at Spectrum, our sales executives organize and perform brand specific marketing plans with utmost perfection for around 20 major domestic retail accounts ranging over 35K point of sale terminals.
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The more visible a brand is, the more credibility it earns. And, visibility comes attached with promotions. So, we carefully analyze the essence of your business to understand your specifics and bring forth a valuable program accordingly. As for our marketing department, we structure themed events and unique promotion plans to encourage maximum success at retail. To add to the effort, we also participate in key trade shows and functions at both domestic and international levels.
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We have massive client base distributed over geographical areas of USA, Russia, Canada, Middle East and entire Asia. To stay connected with our widespread clientele, we sell products via multiple channels raging from retail stores to high end perfumeries, duty free shops at transport hubs to pharmacies and mass-market retailers. We guarantee to ship your orders within 1-2 days of order placement. Even our security system is well in place to assure you of uncompromised service quality.
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Product Category

Personal Care

Our Family

From the very beginning, Spectrum knew that its success depended on the creative ability of its employees. Whatever their jobs, our truly multicultural workforce succeeds in an environment that encourages some of the most entrepreneurial and forward thinking in the world. Our culture, teamwork and focus on innovation and creativity, have resulted in a passionate team who brings a multitude of perspectives and talents that enrich everything we do.



Spectrum is founded on values of excellence. Innovation and entrepreneurship. These values are relevant to all areas of our business from research and development to marketing and manufacturing to retailing.


Market Sigment

Fragrance 59%

Color Cosmetics 22%

Skin, sun and Personal Care 19%



Eastern USA 50%

South Central USA 8%

South West USA 42%



Spectrum is committed to obtaining the best creative, engineering, marketing, sales, and financing talent to introduce a successful and consistent image of the brands it licenses



Spectrum NJ, is an entrepreneurial and dynamic company, which fosters efficacy, productivity, and creativity. We attract forward-thinkers and builders, each driven to reach his or her own personal potential. We encourage individual initiative and offer real responsibilities. This entrepreneurial spirit requires hard work, pragmatism, efficiency, and the ability to motivate people in the pursuit of ambitious goals. Spectrum is renowned for building quality fragrance brands in the United States market and select countries around the globe. Our team of professionals maximizes the potential of our brands.